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Our tailor-made training and safaris cater for all abilities. We unlock the photographer in you. Whether it’s getting the most from your camera or editing like a Hollywood pro. Our training can help you. You can, of course, skip the training and come on a safari in the Highlands with us. We only cater for individuals or very small groups. So, it will be just you with family or friends.

From our base, the spectacular scenery of the West coast, the waters of Loch Ness or the rugged Cairngorms, are all accessible. These wild places provide stunning views and homes for the area’s indigenous wildlife. We would like to give you the opportunity to experience these places for yourself.

We don’t have any fixed content for our training or safaris; we need to get ideas from you about what you want to achieve. Using our knowledge and experience, we can then decide together what is going to make the most memorable day. After all, this is what tailor-made is all about – YOU.

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