Inland Birds

Discover the range of birds you may spot across Scotland.

Black Grouse

Tetrao tetrix
This is Scotland’s more common woodland grouse species.
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Crested Tit

Sterna paradisaea
From a distance, this is quite a dull coloured tit with predominantly grey-green upper parts, buff flanks and a white breast.
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Charadrius morinellus
A member of the plover family, the dotterel breed in the uplands.
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Red Grouse

Lagopus lagopus scoticus
This is the most common grouse, a plump medium sized bird with a short tail, rich chestnut brown plumage and white-feathered legs.
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Scottish Crossbill

Loxia scotica
This is a well-built finch with a large head and substantial beak with the distinctive crossed mandibles
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Vanellus vanellus
The lapwing looks black and white, on close inspection it has rich greens and shades of red on its back and wings, with an orange vent under its tail.
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Tetrao urogallus
Scotland’s largest and rarest grouse species; the male is larger and, at a distance is conspicuous as it appears black.
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Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax
Because of its small population size and historically declining populations, the Chough is an Amber List species.
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Great Spotted Woodpecker

About blackbird-sized and striking black-and-white.
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Lagopus mutus
The ptarmigan is a plump gamebird, slightly larger than a grey partridge.
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Corvus frugilegus
Seen in flocks feeding on open ground on farmland, this large bird is a member of the crow (corvid) family and appears black at a distance.
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Snow Bunting

Snow buntings are large buntings, with striking `snowy’ plumages.
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Discover this wildlife with our members

Highland Wildlife and Birdwatch Safaris

Friendly part or full day wildlife safaris with an experienced local nature watcher in a comfortable MPV. View the wonderful world of wildlife in r...
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Arc Guiding

Arc Guiding provides bespoke, year-round, wildlife and adventure sports guiding throughout the Highlands of Scotland. Based in the Cairngorms Natio...
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The Langholm Initiative

Wild Eskdale offer spectacular wildlife experiences in Scotland. Based in the dramatic and unspoiled Southern Uplands of Dumfries and Galloway, the...
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Rewilding Escapes, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

Rewilding Escapes is the nature tourism arm of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a non-profit organisation committed to driving transformational change to...
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About Argyll Walking Holidays

About Argyll Walking Holidays offers guided walking holidays and hiking tours in beautiful but undiscovered parts of the Highlands and Islands of S...
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Galloway Forest Park

The Galloway Red Deer Range is the ideal place to look for Scotland’s largest land mammal.  Good all year round, magnificent if you join us in Octo...
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Glen Affric National Nature Reserve

Often called the most beautiful glen in Scotland, home to wonderful wildlife, waterfalls, lochs, miles of trails and wilderness. Scotland’s nationa...
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Glenmore Forest Park

Gateway to Glenmore Forest Park, the visitor centre offers an introduction to the wildlife of the area (including the elusive capercaillie), a café...
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RSPB Scotland Balranald nature reserve

This beautiful Hebridean reserve has sandy beaches, rocky foreshore, marshes and sand-dunes. Many wading and farmland birds nest on the flower-rich...
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RSPB Scotland Loch Garten nature reserve

Abernethy is a nature reserve that is ancient, wild and immeasurably special – a place so extraordinary that it can feel like another country. Nest...
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RSPB Scotland Loch Gruinart nature reserve

There’s always plenty to see at Loch Gruinart reserve. As autumn falls lapwing flocks gather together and the flooded pools by the hides come to li...
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Balmoral Luxury Land Rover Safaris

Accompany an experienced ranger on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of Balmoral Estate. The safaris pass through the manicured parkland of Balmoral Castl...
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