Discover the range of birds you may spot across Scotland.

Arctic skua

Stercorarius parasiticus
This is a dark coloured medium sized seabird, with two distinctive long feathers at the middle of the tail.
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Black Guillemot

Cepphus grylie
It's striking black and white plumage and bright red feet make it easy to identify in summer.
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These are large to very large seabirds, with long, tapered bodies, long, angular, pointed wings, pointed tails and dagger-like, pointed bills.
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Fratercula arctica
An oceanic bird, puffins are summer visitors that arrive to nest between late March and early April in the vast coastal clifftop colonies.
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Arctic Tern

Sterna paradisaea
With its long tail streamers and general shape the Arctic tern deserves the local name of ‘sea swallow’.
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Great Skua

Catharacta skua
The great skua is an aggressive pirate of the seas, deliberately harrassing birds as large as gannets to steal a free meal.
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Uria aalge
The UK’s coasts have many stretches of sheer cliffs where seabirds breed and the guillemot is one of the most numerous birds in the great ‘seabird cities’.
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Manx Shearwater

Puffinus puffinus
A small shearwater, it has long straight slim wings, and is black above and white below.
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Alca torda
The razorbill is a medium-sized seabird. It is black above and white below.
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Storm Petrel

Hydrobates pelagicus
A little bigger than a sparrow it appears all black with a white rump.
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Red Throated Diver

The smallest of the UK's divers, its grey-brown plumage and up-tilted bill readily distinguish it from the other species.
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Discover this wildlife with our members

Arisaig Marina

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Birding Ecosse

Bird watching trips and tours in the beautiful Scottish Highlands and Islands.  From day trips, mid week breaks or long weekends, let us plan all y...
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Mckenzie Mountaineering - Guided Walking Adventures

We specialise in a variety of exciting trips and tours including long-distance trails, multi-activity days, hill walking group adventures from one...
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Rahoy Estate

We have 3 self catering cottages, on the shores of Loch Teacuis, where the wildlife comes to you. To explore further, bring a boat or kayak.
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Sea Harris

Sea Harris specialise in fast, comfortable day trips to St. Kilda from it’s closest port in Leverburgh on the Isle of Harris.  Our purpose built ve...
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Misty Isle Boat Trips

Welcome to Misty Isle Boat Trips. We are a family-run business running boat trips from Elgol on the Isle of Skye to the famous Loch Coruisk in the...
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Treshnish & Haunn Cottages

Award winning sustainable self catering cottages located on a remote farm in north west Mull.
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Hebrides Cruises

Witness the rare wildlife and stunning scenery of the west coast of Scotland, the Hebrides and St Kilda aboard our specialist wildlife cruises, wit...
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Highland Safaris

Highland Safaris – winner of the ‘Best Visitor experience’ in Scotland combines the Red Deer Centre with our award winning exhilarating land rover...
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The Isle of Carna

We offer unique ‘Escape’ holidays where you can rent an entire private island to enjoy with family, friends or yourself and help conserve native wi...
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Edinburgh Boat Charters

Skippered yacht charters on the Firth of Forth and from Dunstaffnage Marina on the West Coast of Scotland. Edinburgh Boat Charters offer a number o...
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Scottish Seabird Centre

In the Discovery Centre, control interactive live cameras on the local islands, to see wildlife in its natural habitat. This includes the world-fam...
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