Experience the very best in excellence and experience for wildlife and nature in Scotland.

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Want to maximise your chances of spotting some of Scotland's fascinating wildlife, and learn a thing or two along the way about their behaviours and habitats? Why not book a wildlife and nature tour with one of our members.

Spend the day looking for wildlife in the company of an experienced and knowledgeable guide. You could take a 4x4 Land Rover safari to get deep into Scotland's wild landscapes, watching deer graze upon the hill and eagles soar overhead. Alternatively, you could book a guide to walk with you along riverbanks and through woodland and forests, keeping your eyes peeled for the wildlife that lives there.

Our members can offer half or full day wildlife watching tours and will help you make the most of your holiday in Scotland. You could choose to join a group, or arrange for a private guide to take you out. As well as knowing about where to get the best views of the wildlife that call Scotland home, they also understand the importance of responsible wildlife watching, ensuring that your trip does not negatively impact the animals you’re wanting to see and the natural environment they live in.

To gain a better insight into some of our creatures you could opt for a night-time wildlife watching tour. Spotting wildlife in the evening gives you the perfect opportunity to see a range of Scottish wildlife like badgers, bats and hedgehogs at their most active time of day. You will be supplied with night vision equipment, thermal imagery and infrared to prevent unnecessary disturbance to the wildlife itself and hot drinks to keep you warm and cosy.

Our members are committed to delivering first-class experiences and advocate responsible tourism.

Furthermore, all Wild Scotland members operate in line with our Best Practice Guidelines in regards to sustainability, accessibility, community and safety.