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Witness the rare wildlife and stunning scenery of the west coast of Scotland, the Hebrides and St Kilda aboard our specialist wildlife cruises, with expert Crew and luxury vessels.  Our eleven wildlife cruise itineraries explore the Islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides and St Kilda, an area of unspoilt wilderness and breathtaking beauty on the west coast of Scotland. 

Our Skippers, Crews and onboard Wildlife Guides know the most captivating and secret places of this incredible and beautiful place.  Our different itineraries are carefully designed to reflect the wealth of cruising experiences on offer depending on time of year, location, wildlife and the things we love most about the area.  A cruise through this stunning marine landscape will provide close encounters with rare wildlife and allow the time to soak up the rich history and vibrant culture of the Hebrides and St Kilda. 

Our two vessels, “Emma Jane” and “Elizabeth G”, were handpicked too!  Built to cope with any sea condition in comfort and safety, they have been transformed into spacious quality accommodation, full of nautical character, for luxury life at sea. What a treat it is for our guests to travel to the remotest corners of the Hebrides and have their luxury holiday accommodation travel with them.  (Many of both our Crews and guests actually express love and devotion for our vessels – but we understand!)  Our guests are always accompanied onshore by a Wildlife Guide to help them explore. This is not just because it’s safer, but because guests get so much more out of their trip with a qualified expert to help find the wildlife and give guests a fascinating insight into the place they are setting foot upon.

Our onboard Chefs are passionate about food and the fabulous local produce of the west coast of Scotland.  We are grateful that our guests are the secret ingredient to the success of our cruises. It takes a certain kind of person with a certain mindset to want to experience what we offer.  So much onboard fun and warmth is simply because of our amazing guests who help make the cruise a wonderful experience for everyone on board.

Species this provider offers to spot:  Generally, we expect to see Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, Seals, Deer, Basking Shark, Otter, Whitetail and Golden Eagles as well as over 60 bird species including Puffin, Razorbill, Great Skua, Kittiwake, Gilliemots to name a few.  We have a lot of wildlife encounters while cruising and on shore trips, but part of the adventure is not knowing when it will appear because it is never guaranteed!  We increase our chances due to the combined wildlife experience and local knowledge of our crews. They know the hotspots for minke whales, basking sharks, dolphins, otters, eagles, porpoises, red deer and a host of other species. When on board, when other crew are busy, our wildlife guides are on deck, or in the wheelhouse, scanning the sea for tell-tale signs of whales, dolphins and eagles.  If the wildlife is there, they are very likely to spot it!

Our expertise is just as important on our shore trips – apart from spotting wildlife while on land our guides will find and identify plant life and insect life as well. Our policy of accompanying our guests onshore with a wildlife specialist ensures they have the best wildlife experience possible on every shore excursion.

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