White Water Rafting & River Tubing


White water rafting and river tubing on one of Scotland’s fast-moving rivers makes a great day out for almost any group – friends, workmates, school groups and families.

With the help of an experienced white water rafting guide, navigate your way down the river in a big inflatable raft. On peaceful sections, you can take in the beautiful riverside scenery and enjoy at a leisurely pace. On more exciting stretches you can get your fix of adrenaline and put your skills to the test as you and your group help guide the raft through wild waves. 

Get closer to the action with some river tubing. Tubing is often described as a cross between canyoning and white water rafting. Jump, slide and float your way down the river, your descent aided with the use of inflatable tubes. These tubs are amazing fun for white water, just hold on tight and bounce your way down the rapids. 

Find your perfect day out with one of our members, they will make sure that your white water rafting and/or river tubing experience is fun, fast – and safe!

All Wild Scotland members operate in line with our Best Practice Guidelines in regards to sustainability, accessibility, community and safety.