Wild Swimming, Snorkelling & Diving


If you love being in the water then come and experience Scotland’s coasts, lochs and rivers. Whether you’re a diver, snorkeller or swimmer - there are some amazing places to see and explore with one of our members

Our rich marine flora and fauna and maritime heritage mean that there is plenty to see under the waves. Whether it’s the wrecks of the Imperial German Fleet which was scuttled in Scapa Flow in 1919, kelp forests and coral beds or massive 10m basking shark. Our members serve experienced scuba divers as well as beginners looking to get qualified. Scotland's waters may be cooler than typical diving destinations but armed with thermals and a drysuit you'll stay cosy whilst admiring fascinating wildlife, wrecks and underwater landscapes.

There's also plenty to enjoy nearer to the surface. Snorkelling is a low impact and accessible activity enjoyable for all, especially with thick wetsuits on! In the spring and summer months, there's nothing better than a relaxed beach pootle to see what's lurking near the shore or take a boat out to a sheltered lagoon to go snorkelling with seals. In the autumn and winter months, you could try night snorkelling, which is great for spotting bioluminescence and marine wildlife.

Another all year round activity that's become incredibly popular in Scotland is wild swimming. Not only is it a fun way to get out but there's an abundance of scientific research highlighting the mental and physical health benefits associated with wild swimming. Although many people go swimming independently, why not try guided wild swimming to find the most beautiful places for a dunk and learn the ins and outs of swimming safely and responsibly in rivers, loch and coastal settings.

All Wild Scotland members operate in line with our Best Practice Guidelines in regards to sustainability, accessibility, community and safety.

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