Pony Trekking & Horse Riding

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A wonderful way to experience Scotland's stunning landscapes is from the saddle. Imagine gazing up into a canopy of trees as you gently ride a pony through the woods or galloping on horseback along Scotland’s stunning coastlines with endless sea views.

For novice riders, there's pony trekking, riding lessons and short hacks in the surrounding area. Intermediate and more experienced riders can book exhilarating rides that involve cantering across fields or beaches and multi-day riding holidays.

Other bookable equine adventures include learning the care of heavy horses on a farm that specialises in them, glamping with the support of a packhorse or trying horseback archery!

Wild Scotland members deliver in offering world-class nature-based experiences and adhere to animal & wildlife tourism Best Practices. Have a look at our members and find your perfect equine adventure in Scotland.

All Wild Scotland members operate in line with our Best Practice Guidelines in regards to sustainability, accessibility, community and safety.