Your Commitment

Booking with a Wild Scotland member is great step towards travelling more responsibly


Make it your choice to care and to nurture Scotland, responsibly

What can you do to be a good visitor?

Booking with a Wild Scotland member is a great step towards travelling more responsibly within Scotland, ensuring you're experiencing Scotland's beautiful scenery safely, sustainably and with an excellent operator. However, there is so much more you can do. Read on for practical tips and guides for enjoying Scotland's outdoors independently and with respect towards the areas that you’re visiting.

Learn about wild camping, how to responsibly enjoy our wildlife and environment and tips on how to travel sustainably and respect our communities.

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Nurture our planet

There's only one planet and it's ours to nurture. What can you do to travel more sustainably?

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Care for our communities

Care for the communities you visit. Consider the areas you're visiting, minimise disruption and choose local.

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Respect our wildlife

Wildlife watching can be a magical experience, but ensure you do it safely and responsibly. Respect the wildlife you're observing.

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Keep yourself and others safe

Take care and think before you act. Enjoying Scotland's outdoors safely means being prepared and having the right knowledge.

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