Wildlife & Nature A-Z Directory


Welcome to the Wild Scotland A-Z of Wildlife and Nature in Scotland.

Scotland attracts many wildlife and nature enthusiasts year-round to experience our rich and diverse landscape which is full of our most precious assets from plants and habitats to mammals and birds.

We have put together an A-Z of wildlife and nature in Scotland which we hope will help you identify and understand a little more about what is around you when you are out and about enjoying Scotland’s natural environment.

We hope you enjoy what we have put together and that it will help you learn about our wildlife and nature including where and when to see it. We have also included some Wild Scotland members that you can book with to help and guide you on your experience.

The list is not intended to be exhaustive and will be added to over time.

If you find something missing, please let us know. You can do so by getting in touch with info@wild-scotland.co.uk

How to take care when watching wildlife

Scotland is a great place to watch wildlife, but we all need to make sure that we do it responsibly and don’t disturb the animals that we want to watch,

How to take care when watching wildlife >